Contactability leads to Connection

Contactability leads to Connection

Do you ever feel like you are just cruising through life?  Where do the days go?  It is said, as we get older, the years seem shorter – literally flying by.  Think about it, when you were 10 years old, it felt like your birthday took forever to come back around.  As we get older, it seems like our birthdays are a week away.  We start thinking, “How can I add years to my life?  Maybe we need to change our thinking and start to “add life to our years.”

How can we do this?  One possibility is to add more experiences.  Sure that can mean trips to far off exotic places.  But how about making that trip to the local grocery store more of an experiences, instead of just an errand?

What if you were more contactable?  What would that look like?  It doesn’t mean touching everyone or everything, however that can give you an experience, but lets not get creepy.  What we are talking about here is to get in communication with someone.  Our body language when we’re “tasking” doesn’t exactly invite others in.  Let your guard down,  open your eyes, open your heart, and be present in each and every moment.

Glance in the reflective glass in the frozen food section while shopping.  Does it look like your were baptized in lemon juice?  Do you have an expression of “don’t bother me”, don’t look at me?”  If that is you, change it and good fortune and more life may come your way.  Look at others.  Make eye contact; notice their expression.  Does it reflect yours?

Be contactable, be yourself, add some “life” to your day and better yet, someone else’s.  Say “hi” to a stranger but mean it!  Think about how you would say “hi” to someone you know but haven’t seen for a while.  Practice that version of “hi.”  Say that to a stranger.  Spread the “life.”  Challenge yourself and refrain from saying “how are you doing?”  It can be fun to say “hi”, and mean it, then say “have a great day”, and mean it!  Watch the person’s face change.  Who knows the ripple effect that might have on you and/or the other person!

Being contactable is also important in business!  Whether you are the business owner, manager or employee, being that person who is available to serve the needs of others is a necessity.  People today are craving the ‘human” connection.  Give in to that crave.  Add some life to your years.  Allow the connection to others happen.  And remember, it may not always be about what you say, it may just be that you listened.

Allow the connection with others to happen.

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