New Massage Offerings

We are very excited to announce two new types of massages to our office. Our massage therapist, Scott Lowe, offers these two type of techniques. The first is Pfrimmer technique. This technique utilizes deep cross-fiber strokes applied with the thumbs and fingers. Developed by Therese Pfrimmer of Canada, this is... Read more

Why Now?

“What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday, I was fine and today when bending down to get my shoes . . . Yikes . . .  stabbing pain in my lower back.”  Does this scenario strike a cord? Sudden or severe pain can be disconcerting and leave an individual wondering “What... Read more

Contactability leads to Connection

Contactability leads to Connection Do you ever feel like you are just cruising through life?  Where do the days go?  It is said, as we get older, the years seem shorter – literally flying by.  Think about it, when you were 10 years old, it felt like your birthday took forever... Read more

Body Mechanics – The Price of Smart Phones

Body Mechanics – The Price of Smart Phones 10 COMMON DYSFUNCTIONAL POSTURES AND INJURIES CAUSED BY SMART PHONE USE 1. Golfer’s Elbow 2. Tennis Elbow 3. Uptight Shoulders 4. Anterior Shoulder Strain 5 Rotator Cuff Strain/Tendinitis 6. Rounded Shoulders 7. Rounded Upper Back 8. Forward Head, Cervical Extensor Strain and... Read more
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