What Is Chiropractic Therapy?

Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts, that deals with structure and function. Chiropractors have found that pressure along the spine can irritate and interfere with nerve function, and can cause pain (function). In return, the pressure can affect muscles, joints, blood vessels, organs, and even glands (structure).

It is the chiropractor’s job to determine if such a problem exists and if it can be relieved. Advanced technology and extensive diagnostic training assure the chiropractic physician – and you – that the findings are valid and the prognosis reliable.

Below is a partial list of conditions that may readily respond to chiropractic care:


Neck Pain Repetitive Motion Injuries
Headaches Extremity Pain
Sinus & Allergies Childhood Infections
Numbness/Tingling Carpal Tunnel Sciatica
Sports Injuries Auto Injuries Back Pain
And Many Other Conditions


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