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We Are About Life Chiropractic

After graduating from Palmer College in 2001, Dr. Julie returned to her Indiana roots, where she worked in two clinics in the area, honing her chiropractic skills and gaining valuable experience.

Dr. Julie opened her own practice in 2006, and has been providing her Fishers community with quality care for 21 years. She moved into her “forever office” in 2020, enabling her to provide services to more people. In 2022, Dr. Julie added Dr. Tori as her business partner. Dr. Tori brings a wealth of knowledge not only in Activator methods but in rehabilitation services. Dr. Julie and Dr. Tori work closely to comanage patient care enhancing our already quality service. She is proud to be an established member of her community and is actively involved in several local organizations.

Providing Caring Service to All

Serving our community means keeping the highest standard of customer care. This is reflected in our “We Believe” statement of care, which include::

  • We believe in greeting you by your first name.
  • We believe in a personal hello, thank you, and see you later.
  • We believe in creating relationships.
  • We believe in listening to you.
  • We believe we can help you find a solution.
  • We believe in minimizing paperwork.
  • We believe in being affordable, telling you our fees upfront.

Dr. Julie has always been a ‘helper’, and still gets excited when patients get incredible results. When she works with a patient, she makes it her ultimate goal to restore balance to the nervous system so that they’re better able to handle stress, therefore improving their body, life, and health.

Results You Can See

Dr. Julie has seen many patients exceed what they expected with focused chiropractic care.

One patient was a woman suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. She had experienced consistent neuropathy pain in her feet and back for five weeks. After being adjusted by Dr. Julie, she received complete relief from her pain. Now, every week, she travels 40 minutes each way to make her appointments.

A recent case was especially heart-warming. A family brought their 3-month-old baby girl to the clinic, because she was unable to turn her head to the right at all. The additional training Dr. Julie received allowed her to unlock the baby’s head in one visit.

Let Us Help You

Chiropractic therapy is a proven medical treatment. If you haven’t gotten the results you want and deserve elsewhere, why not see what chiropractic can do for you? Contact our office to make an appointment.

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