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Dr. Julie using Activator

The Activator Technique at
About Life Chiropractic

At About Life Chiropractic, we’re proud to use a gentle, low-force approach to patients of all ages and stages of life known as the The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique®.

Since its development in the 1960’s, this technique has brought relief to people with a variety of health concerns. Our office is proud to be one of just two Activator chiropractors in a six mile radius of About Life Chiropractic. That means you can find the care you need with us!

What is The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique®?

Like other adjustment styles, this method aims to restore balance to your spine safely and effectively. Some patients love the low-force style as it requires no popping or pushing on your spine. Instead, a handheld device is used to gently ‘tap’ the spinal bones back into place.

This precision results in consistent, quick results for patients in fewer treatments than other techniques.

The Activator Technique® incorporates advancements from fields beyond chiropractic, including orthopedic and neurological into administering your care.

How it Works

Very specific analysis is done on every patient to learn more about their goals, health problems, and what’s really going on in their body. Before a treatment, we’ll use specific protocols to look for spinal joint issues, problems with body mechanics, analyze the lengths of your legs, as well as test neurological reflexes.

Taking all of that into account, we’re able to identify exactly where care with the Activator® can benefit you most. Then, we deliver a controlled, fast thrust through the handheld device that is gentle and comfortable for patients. In fact, one of the reasons this technique works so well is because of how quickly the device delivers the thrust-it’s so fast, your muscles don’t have time to tense up-making it more effective.

Because this method is extremely gentle and effective, patients of all ages love experiencing the non-painful, easy care that the technique affords. In addition, many peer-reviewed papers support that this method offers incredible benefits.

Learn More Today

We’d love to welcome you into our care to experience this gentle, focused, and highly favored technique. Contact the office today and experience the benefits of the Activator Method®!

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