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New Patients at About Life Chiropractic

Welcome to our office, we’re happy you’re here! When you choose us for care, we greet you by name with a smile, and make every effort to provide a friendly, bright and inviting space for our patients. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable.


Before You Come In

Please complete the Online Forms, or request them by email, prior to your first visit. This is where you document your health concerns and health history. Completing online reduces wait time. Please bring your ID and insurance information with you as well.

Before Dr. Julie comes into the room, a staff member will complete the onboarding process with your health history. Next, Dr. Julie will enter the examination room and introduce herself. She’ll discuss your history, ask what brought you into the clinic, and listen to your story, ensuring all of your concerns are addressed and gives patients the opportunity to partner in their own healthcare by asking questions and learning.

Dr. Julie always performs the physical examination and chiropractic tests; x-rays, if necessary, are referred out. Explaining what she’s doing and why every step of the way helps patients understand what’s happening in their body. We never want anything we do to come as a surprise to our patients. You’re a full participant in this process!

After the test results are compiled, along with your health history, Dr. Julie reviews the findings. She makes an assessment of your physical health, gives her recommendations for care, and goes over the care plan designed to address your unique condition.

You’ll receive a diagnosis, how we’ll correct the problem, frequency and duration of care, and total cost. It’s always your decision whether to continue care. If you wish to continue, you’ll receive your first adjustment today.

Dr. Julie discusses financials with patients on the first visit. During the examination, the front desk staff verifies coverage and what, if any, responsibility belongs to the patient. She reviews with patients before they return to the front desk to complete their financial obligations. At About Life Chiropractic, we value trust and honesty, and promise to always be transparent when it comes to the costs associated with care.


Contact our staff with any questions or concerns at (317) 913-1812.

New Patients at About Life Chiropractic | (317) 913-1812