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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is natural healthcare for the whole body and your whole family. While pain relief is the main reason people come to our office for care, chiropractic addresses so many other areas of our lives.

At About Life Chiropractic, the entire team is proud to offer care that’s designed to restore your nervous system naturally, bringing balance to your mind and body.

We Do Things Differently

The first thing Dr. Julie helps patients understand is that chiropractic is a process and not a quick fix to long standing issues. However, with time, achieving and maintaining your optimal level of health and wellness is possible!

We start by evaluating the spine for any restrictions, misalignments, or blockages interfering with communication between the brain and spine. At times, just like the child’s game, ‘Telephone’, the message sent at the beginning is not the one received at the other end. Over time, chiropractic adjustments restore and improve that communication, allowing nerves to flow freely within the body and reach their destination properly. This often improves symptoms, like pain, that a patient may be experiencing as their body can now self-heal.

Patients have seen improvement in conditions like low back pain, sciatica, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder tension, migraines, TMJ, foot pain and more. Better sleep and digestion, and less anxiety, are extra benefits from being adjusted. We invite you to book a visit for yourself and discover the true power of gentle chiropractic!

Dr. Julie uses Diversified technique and Thompson Drop Table for adjustments, but The Activator Method® is her primary technique. Additional therapies, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, dry needling, scraping, and taping, may also be used as needed.

Dr. Julie is an Associate Clinical Instructor in The Activator®Method. Our patients know she’s extremely skilled in making instrument-based adjustments. Out of 41 chiropractors in her area (and only one of two within a six mile radius), she is the only one certified to use the full method.

Using the Activator® Tool, she delivers a light-force adjustment. It’s gentle and easy on the body, and gets great outcomes and results. Perfect for pregnant moms, infants and seniors, it’s also great for working with extremities. Activator® technique can provide you with a great experience and the outcomes you want.

Providing Quality Care You Can Trust

Discover the gentle, focused care that Dr. Julie offers every patient she has the pleasure of seeing. Come in for a free consultation and find out more. Contact us today!

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