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Chiropractic Safety


We appreciate and are grateful to the patients over the past 127 years who have trusted chiropractic on their health care journey. There have been times when safety is in question though.

Things to know about chiropractic techniques.  Most schools teach basic technique classes like Diversified adjusting, Palmer package, Gonstead, and Motion Palpation. Along with these basic techniques, some schools teach elective courses like Activator and SOT. These elective courses allow chiropractic students to receive additional training in chiropractic techniques that have been proven to be safe and effective for the patient.

With some of these new techniques like the Ring Dinger and Torque Release, one must ask a few questions.

While they say they are researched based, where are the actual studies?

If I move to another state, do these techniques have a database of providers that have similar training to mu current doctor? How would I know that the continuity of care is going to be the same?

The Ring Dinger and Torque Release do not have a database of other trained chiropractors.

At About Life Chiropractic, our doctor is specifically trained to use the Activator Method. The Activator Method does have a website with a doctor database. This means the doctor must take at least one technique seminar a year. Activator also has continuous ongoing research to help improve patient outcomes which are published on their website.

One question to ask a chiropractor who is using an instrument is when is the last time they had training on knowing how to use the instrument?  If they had not had any training, one must question the safety of the instrument technique being applied to the treatment.

Activator Method also allows the trained chiropractor to not “twist” the spine during an adjustment, thus, increasing it’s safety.

What is an Activator instrument?

Below there are pictures of what the Activator instrument looks like. You will find Activator 2, 4 and 5 below. They no longer make the 1 and the 3.  The Activator 2 has the word Activator on it.  The Activator 4 and 5 have the founder’s signature on it.


Picture1 Picture2png Picture3


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